Toward the realization of a resource-recycling society

Japan's waste management system, primarily focused on the Waste Disposal and Public Cleansing Law and incineration, has significantly impeded the global transition towards a decarbonized, resource-recycling society. Moreover, it has placed a substantial burden on waste generators, particularly manufacturers.

CBA firmly believes that to effectively address future challenges like climate change (CO2 emissions) and resource depletion, it is imperative to recognize the inherent value of waste as a resource and prioritize recycling over mere incineration.

Furthermore, to achieve a resource-recycling society, businesses must optimize their operations and adhere to relevant laws and regulations. CBA plays a vital role in this endeavor by offering a cutting-edge DX platform that facilitates waste visualization, analysis, selection of appropriate waste disposal providers and methods, and cost reduction.

Waste Management DX Platform
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Our platform simplifies the waste treatment process and provides comprehensive support for essential operations, including searching, registering, and reporting treatment methods and contractors, to ensure compliance with legal requirements. Moreover, it offers visualizations of waste generation levels and the progress of waste treatment, enabling users to gain insights into the overall status of waste management.

Reserch &

Environmental Credit Database Service
Planned for release in the future

We offer robust and trustworthy environmental credit information by conducting in-depth analysis, evaluation, and scoring of environmental contributions. Our approach incorporates data from corporate credit surveys, proprietary surveys, and real user data derived from the CBA system.

Waste Recycling Process Support Services
Planned for release in the future

Through the analysis of extensive customer data, our system gains a comprehensive understanding of waste generation patterns within the area. This enables it to automatically devise optimal collection schedules and routes, while also engaging the most suitable service providers at the best possible price. Moreover, by establishing connections among companies with varying waste quantities, we can effectively reduce costs, enhance recycling rates, and foster region-wide resource recycling initiatives.