About CBA

Creating a recycling-oriented society is a challenge that extends to a global scale. CBA plays a significant role in accelerating resource recycling in the waste management industry through digital transformation (DX), thereby contributing to the achievement of a sustainable society. By leveraging DX in the waste treatment industry, CBA actively promotes resource recycling and makes valuable contributions to the realization of a sustainable society.

CEOYoshito Usami

代表取締役宇佐見 良人

What is the timing, individuals involved, location, quantity, and type of garbage being disposed of?
When, who, where, and how is the disposal process carried out?

Despite the increasing awareness of environmental issues, there is still a lack of fundamental information in this regard. Conversely, companies that advocate ESG management are now prioritizing comprehensive disposal treatment, improving resource recovery rates, and optimizing operational efficiency as part of their management objectives, thus fulfilling their social responsibilities. CBA provides a cloud system to help companies fulfill their emissions-related corporate responsibilities and offers solutions necessary for resource recycling by thoroughly collecting and analyzing essential emissions data.

In order to achieve region-specific resource recycling,
To foster local industries that support the resource cycle,
And to preserve a pristine global environment for future generations,

CBA strives to become a digital infrastructure that facilitates the realization of a recycling-oriented society.


Passing on a beautiful global environment to the next generation


Striving to become a digital infrastructure that facilitates the realization of a circular economy.